Label: Midlife

Release date: November 1, 2016




Hey Augustus, what do you think of this?


Augustus Lubour




I like elements of it – there’s some nice soundscapes. I love digging for and picking apart samples, so I can hear some snippets and tones that I appreciate. To me it sounds a bit one dimensional- it’s got good parts but as a whole it doesn’t evoke such intense emotions beyond a sense of dystopia. It’s dark, it’s moody- but it doesn’t really build up, just stays at the same kind of melancholic pace. Have you heard Keiska’s Powerpoint EP? For some reason it came to mind- it’s definitely different, but there’s something about the dystopian sampling that’s comparable. His EP, to me, has a nice range to it. But it’s electronic/dance music, more AraabMuzik inspired, less purely experimental than this.