France and Argentina’s Fiesta En El Vacío came to Budapest to perform at UH Fest 2019. She was accompanied by Frenchman Ventre De Biche and the two visited Lahmacun radio’s studio and recorded two magical live sets. ‘Engedjék meg, hogy a késés okozta kellemetlenségért szíves elnézésüket kérjük’ + French + Spanish, Luna (Fiesta En El Vacío) uses her (and others’) voice like no other. Luca too (Ventre De Biche), who is an artist of the Teenage Menopause label, whose founder, a regular visitor of Budapest, teaches students to fly. A table full of gear, a Tascam cassette player, dead cassettes (dead from flying?) and two hours of most beautiful live jamming with glitches, sounds of effect pedals and us clapping wildly. Enjoy!