Hungarian electro-EBM-techno-acid label Dalmata Daniel introduces their new LP series with one of the key figures from the Dutch West Coast scene, Roberto Auser. As part of our track premiere & interview series, we are happy to present Auser’s closing track, the special-in-speed-special-in-mood Manifold. The video of the track premiere is, as always, by Nimova Projeckt.

MMN: Second Sun is your first album on Dalmata Daniel – what was your main concept or narrative behind this project?

Roberto Auser: This album is part of an experiment, the continuous exploration and expansion of Ausland.

MMN: Some of your releases have very definitive approaches to certain genres, for example Extraterrestrial brings vivid moments of classic disco, or Love and Saucers is an eerie ambient take that suits a documentary too. Do you consider the idea of genres as a significant factor in your music-making process, or do you prefer to ignore it?

RA: I go where me, the music and my instrument go. Taste is a more appropriate concept. 

MMN: It’s more than 10 years now that you’ve started making music. What has changed since then, regarding your approach to making music and finding inspiration?

RA: In the early nineties I chose the guitar, now I make music with a modular synth. Many things have changed. What remains are music, art, science, beauty and death.

MMN: Your track Manifold is premiering today here on MMN. It is a beatless track, that is also the last track from the album. What inspired you to create a closing track like Manifold?

RA: Potential and opportunity, momentum and direction.

MMN: How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your life as an artist in the past one year or so?

RA: Well… I have even more admiration for artists and platforms who manage to keep it pushing.

Second Sun is out March 26 via Dalmata Daniel. Questions asked by voremen.