MMN: How about a boring-journalist question to start with: what’s the origin of the name? 

FFF:  It’s an effect command in tracker softwares (I used Fasttracker back in the day and Renoise nowadays). With this command you set the fastest bpm.

MMN: Are jungle and complex breaks in nowadays? Were they ever out?  

FFF: It seems way more popular than a couple of years ago, but they never went away. There always were plenty of genres using (complex) breaks. But it’s nice that it’s getting more and more incorporated in other styles of music again.

MMN: Do you think that jungle still has a sociocultural context similar to its roots, or has the genre been completely gentrified? 

FFF: I don’t think it’s (completely) gentrified at least as we are talking about actual jungle. I think/hope most people actively into the scene nowadays know the music’s roots and study the foundation. Of course, it’s not completely the same as when it started. Times change, technology changes, but I think the cultural backgrounds of the producers are still mixed, maybe even more mixed, due to the music reaching everywhere because of the Internet. 

MMN: How do you see the club (and rave) situation globally and locally? Is there any trend you can observe, maybe from country to country? 

FFF: It seems that music styles are getting more and more mixed, so you don’t really see club nights with just one style of music. (I am all for this though!) Music needs hybrids to evolve. Just one style of music without input from other styles leads to stagnation.

This also counts for the crowds by the way: starting to get more mixed, more inclusive. 

MMN: What’s your plan with 3AM Eternal, the label you launched not so long ago?  

FFF: 3AM05 is out now (just arrived from the pressing plant) and it’s a split between Murder Most Foul and myself.

3AM06 is in the test press phase and will be a split between DJ Sofa & Arkyn.

Not going to spoil the rest though 😉 

MMN: Your fave joke today? 

FFF: The state of the world at the moment.

FFF gig in Budapest

FFF will play on October 7th in a Gólya x MMN event along with poppyseed, Saint Leidal The 2nd and csinovnyik (FB link).

FFF’s on demand vinyl stock

Check out the following list of FFF vinyls and let us know if you want a copy at the party’s night. Vinyls will cost 10 EUR each and they will fly in for you straight from Rotterdam delivered by the author himself. Contact us via email/IG/FB for your requests.

(18x) Various – Tying The Cat On The Bacon [CITB005]

(3x) Various – Inner City Fear – Special Request #1 Rewind Series [SPB12043]

(10x) FFF/Murder Most Foul – Like Never Before

(9x) FFF – Alert & Waiting EP [7TH 12029]

(11x) FFF / Coco Bryce – Massiv 01 Repress [MASSIV01]

(11x) FFF – Control Tower [3AM01]

(18x) Coco Bryce / FFF – Diamond Life 09 [PEARL 09]

(17x) FFF – Dubcore Volume 12 [SPB12030]

(15x) Ark X / FFF – Diamond Life 06 [PEARL 06]

(17x) FFF – Never Give Up [7TH 12024]

(6x) FFF & Dub-Liner – SPIN 001 [SPIN001]

(18x) FFF – Wreck Havoc Vol One [MB#10]